Product .

Benefits .

SpirulinaLamp is a world first Spirulina cultivator conceived as a synergetic part of our living spaces. It brings:

1. Food


Higly nutritious and fresh Spirulina harvested every day in 20g amount.

2. Light


Soft and diffused light that can be easily used for room illumination.

3. Oxygen

7.5L O2/hour

Oxygen generated is equivalent to amount produced by 52 indoor plants.

Nutritional qualities.

United Nations called Spirulina „Food for the Future“at World Food Conference in 1974. Spirulina is superrich in protein content, essential fatty-acids, minerals and vitamins.

Environmental qualities.

SpirulinaLamp consumes tiny fractions of resources consumed by classic crops
production. If we look at water and land usage for the production of 1kg of protein:

Core Values.

We create products and services in accordance with sustainable development goals using extraordinary potential of micro-algae (Spirulina) for human society and the environment.

1. Biological, poly-sensorial. We are driven towards usage of micro-algae in order to deliver maximum comfort and sensual satisfaction when interacting with the brand. One of the inherent attributes of our products is to provide biofillic poly-sensorial experiences.
2. Progressive. We prefer innovative and well-thought technologies to maximise value and efficiency of the living system. The objective is to integrate them seamlessly to create holistic units.
3. Simple. Simplicity in design is crucial to make our products easy-to-use, elegant, easy-to-maintain and convenient for micro-algae. It is about honesty of form and neutrality that creates a desired universal, democratic aesthetics.
4. Healthy. Making correct lifestyle choices in terms of food and physicall activity is a prerequisite for sustainable health. We wish to create a solid contribution for the set-up of these daily paterns.


Tibor Antony
Founder & Inventor /
10Y in product & graphic design
Miroslav Konečný
Founder & Innovation manager /
Startup Awards winner
Katka Molnárová
Data driven marketing /
12Y of business insights
Martin Rebroš
Bio-culture & safety of Spirulina /
PhD in biotechnology
Richard Balogh
Electrical engineering /
PhD in electrical engineering
Martin Johanes
Seed investor & financial manager /
Certified accountant & auditor



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